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Welcome to Rome! We hope the following guide is useful to you. Enjoy your stay. 


Accomodations in private homes are not available. There are thousands of youth hostels, bed and breakfasts and hotels in Rome.

The most central area to stay in is the Via Nazionale area (close to the Termini Train Station). It is close to a synagogue, to the main tourist attractions and to local transportation and to the Jewish Quarter.

Another great area is the Jewish Quarter (Ghetto) area which is behind the Great Synagogue on the Tiber river and in an area that has many Kosher restaurants and mini markets.

The Piazza Bologna area is also convenient, there are two synagogues in the area which follow Libyan Jewish ritual, it is next to the B subway line which takes you to Termini in 3 stops and to the Colosseum in 5 stops. There are also some Kosher establishments in the area as well. And of course there is Chabad Piazza Bologna which hosts many guests for Friday night meals.

Click here and here for a list of hotels for your convenience, please note that Chabad has no affiliation with the hotels listed. This is merely a courtesy service offered to the many tourists who use our website as a travel resource.

Kosher Food 

Kosher Products

There are no Kosher symbols here in Italy although occasionally you can find some products with the OU or OK certifications in some supermarkets.

Soft drinks and fruit juices except for tomato, tropical mix and grape juice, are ok to drink. Kellog's cereals are ok as well. 

Kosher Stores

There are a few Kosher mini-markets in Rome where you could stock up on basics. They sell cheeses, salamis, matzah, wine and other products with kosher certifications from all around the world. 

Click here for a complete list.

Kosher Gelato

There are Kosher Gelato stores in the Jewish Quarter at Via Portico d’Ottavia 1b, and in the Piazza Bologna area in Via Padova 7. Chalav yisrael (except for whip) and under the hashgacha of the Rome Bet Din. Pareve gelato is also available.


You can find a list of kosher restaurants in Rome at this link.

Of the restaurants listed, Little Tripoli is the only one that is entirely glatt kosher, some of the other restaurants have frozen Glatt meat.
For those who are looking for the strictest kashrut standards, we recommend Little Tripoli, Flour, Yotvata, Obento (only parev products, the chicken is not glatt), Marlen's, Mondo di Laura, Dolce Kosher, Kasher Roma.

Please note that Chabad does not endorse the kashrut of any of the establishements listed.


There are four mikvaot for women in Rome.

Mikve Eliahu Fadlun, state of the art with four luxurious preparation rooms, the Mikva itself is according to all opinions (Hashaka, Zria, Bor al gabei Bor plus all the water in Mikva is rainwater), located in Via Famiano Nardini 15, open every night at nightfall for an hour, for appointments please call 39 392 255 8870.

Mikvah of Great Synagogue in the Jewish Ghetto, it is necessary to call 24 hours in advance. Contact Romina at 333 461 8750

Mikvah located in the Synagogue at Via Cesare Balbo 33 near the Termini station, the contact is Mrs. Gabriella Del Monte 06-68400651 or 347-7169619, during July and August it is necessary to call in advance.

Mikve Sara, is located in the Viale Marconi area,  Via Giuseppe Veronese 119, call Mrs. Simonetta Moscati for an appointment 348.339.3577.

Shabbat Meals

Chabad Piazza Bologna hosts Friday night meals, see this link for information

Go to the Shabbat meals in Rome

Several restaurants host pre paid Shabbat meals as well.


Downtown Rome

Weekday Mincha minyan Mon-Thur.

2PM at Via dei Greci 30.

Jewish Quarter known as 'the Ghetto'.

Tempio Maggiore-Great Synagogue
Italian and Spanish nusach
Lungotevere Cenci 9

Tempio dei Giovani-Panzieri Fatucci
Italian nusach
On the Tiberina Island, Piazza S. Bartolomeo all'Isola 24

Termini Train Station area

Agudat Ashkenazim
Ashkenaz Nusach
Via Cesare Balbo 33 - lower level
Sunday through Friday at 7:40 am, Shabbat morning at 10:00am.

Oratorio Di Castro
Italian Nusach
Via Cesare Balbo 33 - main level

Piazza Bologna area

Tempio Bet El
Sfardi Nusach
Via Padova 92

Tempio Beth Schmuel
Sfardi Nusach
Via Garfagnana 4/a

Marconi-Monteverde areas

Chabad of Monteverde
Italian Nusach
Via Pianese, 27

Tempio Tripolino
Sfardi nusach
Via Pozzo Pantaleo 46

Tempio Beth Shalom
Italian nusach
Via Pozzo Pantaleo 52

Tempio Beth Michael
Italian nusach and Sefardi on Shabbat
Viale di Villa Pamphili 71c
[email protected]

You can find a complete listing of synagogues in Rome at this link.

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